Bare Ooddles - Raw Food

Ooddles Raw Food - we call it Bare Ooddles. 

Natural Raw Dog Food with added Veggies & Superfoods, Glucosamine, Turmeric, Spirulina, Ginger & Black Pepper. 90/10. This means 90% meat, 10% veggies.

If you wish to feed raw, we have the perfect high-quality complete raw food meals, manufactured in the UK only using the highest quality meats.  Our complete natural raw food is 90% meat and bones, and 10% superfoods and veggies.

Raw feeding is not for everyone, but for those that love it, then your dog will for sure benefit from getting Bare with Ooddles Raw range. 

We shall ask you a few questions, and then our system will work its magic and show you the raw food recipes that are suitable for your dog based on what you have told us. We shall also show you the average cost per day, an average guide how much to feed per day, nutritional information and lots more.

We have plenty of info on how to change over to raw feeding and everything you need to know about feeding raw at our website under the blog and FAQ section.

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