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It Is Not Just You Who Needs To Eat Healthily.

Ooddles understand that owners feed their dogs in different ways, not everyone feeds raw, not everyone feeds dry, not everyone feeds fresh home-cooked. Most dog food companies focus on one way and will tell you that their way is the very best and to not feed anything other. But the truth is some types of foods just will not suit your dog.

Raw, Dry, Cold-Pressed, Wet, or Freshly Hand-Cooked? You Decide.

Whichever way works for your dog, Ooddles has the very best nutritious balanced foods, grain-free & hypoallergenic.

Improving the lives and health of our nations much loved dogs by only feeding quality daily nutrition is our passion. Your dog cannot ask you to feed a healthier food, it is a choice you have to make for your dog.

Created by leading pet nutritionists, vet-approved and are a perfect healthy choice for every dog, every day

Personalised and Delivered.

Smarter Healthier Dog Food

Go Bare -
Raw Complete Meals

Freshly Cooked
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Dry and Cold Pressed.
Cooked Low & Slow

Wet Food. Gravy and
Pate Based Options

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Rethinking Dog Food

One Way Does Not Suit
All Dogs

Some like raw, some like dry, some like dry with wet added, others love lightly cooked fresh meals. Uniquely different
Ooddles offers all ways to suit all dogs, always natural.


Grain Free & Hypoallergenic. All our recipes are developed with leading pet nutritionists. Made in Defra approved facilities. Locally sourced veggies, fruits, fresh meats, we love supporting local farmers & growers where possible.

Less Illness

Feeding your much-loved dog quality daily nutrition can make a difference to their overall health. Fewer vet visits, less illness.
Less waste is passed with smaller harder stools every day with quality food.

Eating For Good Health

No additives, no preservatives, no meat meal, no fillers. Just the finest ingredients. It makes a huge difference in feeding your dog every day with quality food.


Did you know when you feed a quality food that is higher in protein, your dog needs less to reach its daily nutritional needs. Quality food lasts longer and quite often works out cheaper. If you are using a food full of fillers and low protein your portion size is much larger. 1 x 5kg bag of super goodness lasts as long as a 12kg bag of low-quality food.

Ooddles Uniquely Different
Smarter Healthy Dog Food Made 4 Ways.

You Decide Which Way Works Best For Your Dog.

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See why our foods are so good?

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