Feeding Quality Works Out
More Cost-Effective, Why?

When you feed a quality, natural food your dog will be able to absorb the food easily, you need less volume of food per day to meet your dogs daily nutritional needs. When you feed low-grade food, you need more volume, which means more fibrous waste (poo) is passed as it cannot absorb all the fillers in the food. It is important to weigh your dog's food when you change to a quality natural food richer in protein.

Based on typical Cocker Spaniel.
Based on an average 11kg, 1 year of age, the average cost per day is £1.10.

It’s a no brainer – feeding better nutrition works out cheaper.
Some Typical Examples.

Ooddles Quality Dry Food, 80% meat content. Feed Average
per day 150g. Cost per day 0.86p per day

Lower Meat Content Dry Food, 25% meat content. Feed
Average 230g per day. Cost per day 0.95p per day

*based on Royal Canin, Cocker Spaniel Food.


Check what you are feeding
You may be very shocked.

Not all dry dog foods are made equally, hence the bad rap dry foods get. Many are highly processed, have a very low meat content, packed with fillers, if that is not enough, it is then processed using high heat killing off the nutrients.

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We Make It Easy For You and
Better For Them

Just like us humans, it is important not to eat highly processed low-quality food every day, our health no doubt would suffer. It is no different for our furry family.

It is time to do the right thing and feed quality food for better health, longer life and fewer trips to the vet.

Ooddles uniquely make Smarter Healthier Foods in various ways.
Raw, Dry, Wet and Freshly Hand Cooked. You Decide.

Not Sure Which Way

Dry and Cold Pressed.
Cooked Low & Slow

Dry and Cold Pressed. Cooked Low & Slow

Freshly Cooked
Coming Soon

Freshly Cooked

Treats & Chews

Treats & Chews

Wet Food. Gravy and
Pate Based Options

Wet Food. Gravy and Pate Based Options

See why our foods are so good?

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