Did You Know?

Some treats, (well-known brands as well ) are very poor in quality, using additives that are linked to causing certain cancers. Always check out the ingredients and where the treats come from, many are made in China.

Suitable For All - Pups and Adults

All our treats and chews are suitable for pups and adults, all ages, all sizes. Many of our chews come in different sizes, small, medium, large or XL to suit your dog.
So do take a look and browse around the huge range of natural and quality treats available for your dog to enjoy.

Always remember

When you feed treats and chews always supervise.
Have fresh water available at all times
Feed on surfaces that will not stain
How many treats per day is at the discretion of owners.


Ooddles Treat & Chew Range

Ooddles uniquely make Smarter Healthier Foods in various ways.
Raw, Dry, Wet and Freshly Hand Cooked. You Decide.

Not Sure Which Way

Go Bare -
Raw Complete Meals

Freshly Cooked
Coming Soon

Dry and Cold Pressed.
Cooked Low & Slow

Wet Food. Gravy and
Pate Based Options

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