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How to transition to Bare Ooddles (Raw feeding)

How to transition to Bare Ooddles (Raw feeding)

Easy to follow options

How to change over to Bare Ooddles raw feeding.

There is much conflicting information about this, but we recommend you follow option 1, we call it cold turkey, however, if you feel (and you know your dog best) that you would prefer to do this gradually, then we cover this below.  There is no right or wrong way; there are success stories on slowly swapping and success stories on the cold turkey.

Option 1 – Cold Turkey 

Feed your dog the last meal of their old food the night before, leave it 12 hours and make the switch to raw dog food the following morning.


Option 2  - Slow & Gradual Option

Gradually phase it in over 7 days. Increasing raw and reducing your dry food.


Option 3 – Alternate. 

One meal is raw, and the other meal is dry.  Then gradually feed more raw and less dry meals.

How will you know how they’re doing? 

The best indicator is appetite. Many dogs will self-regulate on raw food (that previously wouldn’t on kibbles) because of the high levels of satiety. 

Ultimately, you’re going to be looking at body condition. Look for a good covering of muscle over the hips, shoulders and back, and you should be able to feel but not see the ribs.

This is harder in a dog with a longer coat, but familiarity with weekly grooming sessions will help you get to know your dog’s overall body condition.

If they’re starting to add an extra layer of internal insulation, then reduce the amount given daily until you reach a happy balance.

Remember, all dogs will vary in what they need, even though the seasons. 

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