Higher Meat Content

Did You Know?

Some common sold wet/soft food contain as little as 7% meat, the rest are lower quality ingredients, clever marketing can be used so you think it has a higher meat content than it actually has, so do take time to read our blog area so you know how to read labels or search online so you know. Ooddles wet/soft food is a premium product with a higher meat content.

The 300g portions come in a variety of mouth-watering flavours including; Lamb Nosh Nosh, Chicken Din Dins, Beef Stewie, Turkey Pate and Angus Beef Pate.

Higher Meat Content
Feeding Dry & Wet Dog Food

Feeding Dry & Wet Dog Food Together

Whilst some dogs prefer to be fed on wet/soft food only, some love wet/soft dog food mixed in with their dry food to give the best of both worlds.

It’s Time To Get Serious
About Your Dog's Health

Your dog has to rely on you, their owners to ensure they are eating quality daily food, packed full of nutrition, if you feed a low-grade food, commonly full of cheap fillers and meat meal, it is like us humans having fast food every single day.

We have made it more affordable for you to feed your dog a quality nutritious diet, feeding a natural and quality daily diet means:-

  • Fewer vet visits,
  • Fewer/ rid allergies,
  • Fewer health issues.
  • Poor diets are linked to so many serious health problems, such as cancers, diabetes and many more.
  • Obesity issues.
  • Above all, that you care what your dog eats, it really does matter, and only you can decide

Ooddles uniquely make Smarter Healthier Foods in various ways.
Raw, Dry, Wet and Freshly Hand Cooked. You Decide.

Not Sure Which Way

Dry and Cold Pressed.
Cooked Low & Slow

Freshly Cooked
Coming Soon

Treats & Chews

Wet Food. Gravy and
Pate Based Options

See why our foods are so good?

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