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Hi my name is Woody and I just received my boxes of Ooddles food yesterday. 
I’m nearly 10 months old and only eat Ooddles food 
I love my food and treats, it’s good for my health and I am extremely healthy and active.&a

Shared by owners of lovely Harry, who is Ooddlying on one of our premium 80/20 foods and he likes a little beef stewie wet food added in...
Just wanted to say thank you very much, Harry’s food arrived on Friday

Shared by owners of lovely Nellie, who loves the Ooddles box ! 
Nellie dines on Farmers Market 80/20 with some Ooddles wet food mixed in.
Thank you for the super quick delivery received today.

Shared by owners of lovely Jessie. Jessie loves helping to unpack her Ooddles box and here she is getting to meet her new Mr Snake.