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Whoops i had some extra duck meaty strips in my Box!
From Dennis x

Kobe was very excited about his food parcel! And couldn’t wait to get into it! 
He found the treat before I did and I had to wrestle him for it!!!
He will be very pleased to get a free bag

Albie has tested out the cheese puffs and seems to be enjoying them! He was excited with his Oodles box

Here is Hudson taking delivery of his Ooddles. It’s really made his 2nd birthday extra special today!

Just to say thanks for our latest delivery. There was an extra treat in the box. Thanks for that. 
As always, thanks for such a great service. Yogi loves and Ooddles delivery, especially his antler!<

Just to say thank you for the prompt delivery of my order.
The service is excellent, I have recently ordered treats,as well as our normal food order, from Ooddles rather than our usual outlet and they are certainly better received from Barney.

Frank says thank you so much for his yummy birthday lollipop.
As you can see Daddy helped him open the box

Becky with doggie Peggy Ooddlying

Here is Dennis with his Ooddles food!!! 

So happy to receive my order.

Dolly looking forward to her new food parcel

Thank you for the delivery for Barney today, he was very excited to see his treats and we humans were very excited to see chocolate eggs for our treat too.

Just wanted to send over a photo of Poppy ‘ooddling’. She loves the wet food, I’ve attached a photo of her sat waiting patiently for it! She has a mixture of wet and dry but goes mad for the wet!
We also received an extra in our

Luna is very great full for the extra treat that arrived today!
The pawrents were very impressed with how quickly it arrived! 


We received our Oodles Order today and Bailey was ecstatic. The note in the box said that we should send Oode a picture of Bailey oodling so that they Oode can send Bailey a pressie, now that they are friends. As such, Bailey’s best friend Ra (si

Here is a picture of Wookie (changed his name from Bailey) with his first ever Ooddles delivery.
Thanks and licks From Wookie

Hi I got so excited that my new supply of Ooddles arrived also inside I found some exciting treats chicken and linseed chew for me, a tick tool to make sure my coat is lovely and clean also my mum had some lovely sweets. Thank you so much Lottie and he

Thank you so much for Poppy’s birthday lollipop - such a nice surprise! 

Another awesome whoops - this one is a huge winner and definitely as he moves off his puppy chew sticks this is going on the permanent order. What a godsend too - he just had the snip bless him and is so bored in his cone of shame, not being able to pl

We had an extra bag of treats in our delivery. Oxford and Whisky are saying thank you.

Hi my name is Woody and I just received my boxes of Ooddles food yesterday. 
I’m nearly 10 months old and only eat Ooddles food 
I love my food and treats, it’s good for my health and I am extremely healthy and active.&a

Shared by owners of lovely Harry, who is Ooddlying on one of our premium 80/20 foods and he likes a little beef stewie wet food added in...
Just wanted to say thank you very much, Harry’s food arrived on Friday

Shared by owners of lovely Nellie, who loves the Ooddles box ! 
Nellie dines on Farmers Market 80/20 with some Ooddles wet food mixed in.
Thank you for the super quick delivery received today.

Shared by owners of lovely Jessie. Jessie loves helping to unpack her Ooddles box and here she is getting to meet her new Mr Snake.