What does All Life Stages Mean?
This means the food is suitable for pups, adults and seniors, it is complete and balanced and of such quality it works for all ages.

Ooddles Raw Dog Food

Nutritionally Fediaf Balanced your Guide To Feeding Raw Food
Puppy Feeding Guide
Feeding Raw Food

Premium British Natural Dry Food

Cooked Low and Slow With Fresh Meats. Nutritionally Complete and Balanced.
From 95p per day, depending on your dogs weight, age and activity levels.


Feeding Raw Food

The Catch

The Catch

Game On

Game On

Springtime Grass Fed Lamb

Springtime Grass Fed Lamb



Young Guns

Young Guns

Premium British Cold Pressed Dry Food

Nutritionally Complete & Balanced.
6 Available. Turkey, Fish, Meat Feast, Beef, Duck and Venison.

Premium British Cold Pressed Dry Food
The Catch

Premium British Wet Food

Four recipes available.
Nutritionally Complete and Balanced

Wet Complete Food

Adult and Senior

The Catch


A puppy should be feed small and regular amounts, so feeding three times a day for under 6 months of age is recommended.

Growth is a very energy demanding period with the requirement for calories at a peak when first born and gradually reducing until the dog is fully grown.

With such a huge variety of breed sizes becoming fully grown can happen anywhere between 9 months and 18 months of age. To help you feed your puppy accurately through this phase we have set out the following guidelines Firstly, you need to estimate your puppies’ adult weight this can be based on average breed size or a growth curve found easily online.

Secondly find the stage of growth your puppy is at in comparison to its adult weight, ie less than 50% of adult weight , 50-80% of adult weight or more than 80% of adult weight.

Then using the current weight of your dog, you can work out how much to feed following these charts

Springtime Grass Fed Lamb

Mixing Foods

Raw and Cold Pressed Mixed
If you wish to add any crunch to our raw meals, (some dogs miss the crunch) then please only add Cold Pressed Dry Food. Cold Pressed is made differently and it breaks down at the same rate as raw food.

So you can do 50/50, or just add a small sprinkle to the raw food if your dog likes the crunch.

Dry Food and Wet Food Mixed
A very popular way to feed your dog is using dry food but adding in some wet food. It can be anything from a small spoonful mixed in just to add some softness, or you can do 50/50. Our wet food, like our dry food is a complete food, so it is fine to do 5o/50 or 75% dry and 25% wet. You will not lose any nutrition by mixing the two together.

We do not recommend the below.
Raw and normal dry food, they break down at different rates. If you are feeding raw, only add cold pressed if you wish. Wet food and Raw – this is not recommended nor needed

Important Things to Note

There are two types of raw meals.

  1. Complete - this means it gives your dog everything it needs and you do not need to add anything.
  2. 80/10/10 - Please ensure if you are feeding a 80/10/10 everyday you add some veggies or add a suitable supplement to the food to ensure it gives your dog everything it needs. If not your dog will loose condition if ithe food it not nutritionally complete
  3. Always weigh your dog’s food when feeding dry, you may be surprised, please don’t guess on how much. Scales are available from our shop. Never use a scoop!
  4. If you are feeding another brand of wet food, check the meat content, many are really low and full of preservatives, some are as low as 7%

Bone Broth

can be added to any foods for extra good health and perfect for fussy eaters. See Food Toppers at our website.

Smarter Healthier Dog Food

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Raw Complete Meals

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