Is Your Dog A Fussy Eater

Is Your Dog A Fussy Eater

It is common, we share some top tips

Fussy Eaters

Something to note, your dog will not get bored eating the same food.

If you are trying multiple different foods, getting fed up trying and cannot get your dog to eat, then your dog has YOU trained not the other way around. Your dog is holding out for something better, like your food. If as a pup you always changed the food thinking your pup is not eating, you have created the problem.

You have to correct this behaviour; we have some tips for you below.

  • Leave your dogs food down for around 30 mins, if it is not eaten lift it. 
  • When it is time for your dogs next meal, do the same thing, if not eaten lift it.
  • In a day or two, your dog may appear hungry, keep doing the above and do not give in.
  • At all times, make sure your dog is drinking water, and it is well in itself.
  • If your dog is hungry, it will eat.
  • Your dog may look disappointed at times, or maybe you think your dog is, but this is an effective way to rid unwanted behaviour of fussy eating.
  • Stay strong and follow it. It will be the best thing you have done.

If you do not resolve this, nothing will change, and you will forever be changing and switching your dog food and setting in stone this unwanted behaviour.

Of course if after 3/4 days, your adult dog has not eaten, then we suggest seeing a vet ensure your dog is healthy and well. 

A young pup needs to eat and below are things you can do. Just remember not to create a behaviour problem ongoing.

If you are feeding dry food - make sure it is quality and has a good meat content in it and not full of rubbish.

Adding a spoonful of wet food works well, and the most popular way to feed your dog is wet and dry together.

A little tough love is needed to set in good eating habits ongoing.

Food Toppers

Very handy to have if your dog is feeling a bit off colour, or you want to give a tasty topper at times. Food toppers should only be used if they add extra health-boosting ingredients.

Ooddles fish granola is perfect; they give a health boost too, Ooddles granola is packed full of naturally occurring Omega 3 and very tasty.

Gravylicious – is a specially formulated complete liquid food, tasty and can be used over food.

No matter what, if your dog appears unwell in any way then see your vet. It may have nothing to do with food.