Not all dog foods are made using a high percentage of "fresh meat" most commercial dog foods are rendered meat meal with zero fresh meat.


Fresh Meat In Ooddles Foods.

We understand that dogs know fresh is best. That is why fresh meat is our passion here at Ooddles,  and using our unique cooking process of low and slow we provide our customers with premium affordable food, Ooddles foods have no rendered meat meal and no cheap fillers.


Traditional Category 3 meat meal commercial dog food



Freshly Prepared Meat - Ooddles Quality Natural Dog Food



Allergies, Fussy Eaters, Health Issues

All you need is quality, natural food made using fresh meat. 


The nutritional benefits of freshly prepared meat and fish 


The animal protein content is well established as being the essence of premium quality foods for dogs and many dog owners recognise that the “quality over quantity” applies here.

According to market research company Mintel 2017, 57% of dog owners say that the quality of meat is more important than the overall meat content in dog food.

Ooddles and our partners have long recognised this, and since the introduction of our unique slow and low cooking system, our partners have led the way in developing dog food containing increasing amounts of freshly prepared meat and fish protein sources. The benefits of using fresh meat & fish sources over dried, rendered meat & fish meals, including better taste and increased digestibility, is more and more understood & appreciated by both dog and their owners

The idea is to increase the nutritional value of the protein within our fresh meat and fish ingredients by converting the protein into small peptides which are more easily absorbed by the pets eating it (we are calling it ‘HDP’ - Highly Digestible Protein).  

You may be surprised not many commercial dog foods have any fresh meat at all, and commonly it is rendered meat meal used.


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Why Fresh?