Just like our quality range of dog food, we bring you a super range of natural chews, treats, training treats and food toppers.


Did You Know?

Many dog treats are made using poor quality ingredients and full of grain and fillers. Many people go to the trouble of changing to quality food and do not realise that it is the treats causing allergies and health issues. Some treats are very poor, so always check out the ingredients and ensure you understand what it all means. Our blog articles may help with this.


Just like Ooddles foods, we only bring you natural quality treats and chews for your dog.

  • Some even have extra added health benefits such as natural occurring Omega 3 and 6 with our fish treats from the waters of Cornwall.
  • Chewing is a natural process for all dogs, it is also important for good dental hygiene. 
  • Training treats, soft and meaty, 100% meat, easy for the pocket.
  • A range of lasting natural chews like Pizzles, Yaks, Antlers, Olive Woods, Tuber Roots and more.
  • Fish Treats, packed full of goodness, such as salmon cookies or Whitefish crunchy bites
  • Meaty Treat Strips to reward good behaviour, soft and tasty.
  • A range of delightful hand baked in wood-fired ovens grain-free biscuits
  • Rabbit ears, air-dried chicken fillets & chicken wings for delicious chewy treats.
  • Dental specific chews like our Algae Toothbrush Chews.
  • Check out our popular long 25cm chew bars with added health benefits too.
  • Food toppers such as gravylicious and fish granola for health bursting extras.


Suitable For All - Pups and adults.

All our treats and chews are suitable for pups and adults, all ages, all sizes.  Many of our chews come in different sizes, small, medium, large or XL to suit your dog.

So do take a look and browse around the huge range of natural and quality treats available for your dog to enjoy.


Easy To Order

Just go to SHOP at the top of the website, add items to the basket and checkout.


Ways To Save

Many of our treats have options to save, buy so many and get some free or buy in multi-packs for reduced prices.


It is time to treat naturally and support and look after your dog's health.


Always remember:-

  • When you feed treats and chews always supervise.
  • Have fresh water available at all times
  • Feed on surfaces that will not stain
  • How many treats per day is at the description of owners.


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