It is important to us.


We support UK farmers, fisheries and local growers


As our products are developed with a high content of fresh ingredients, it means we go to farmers and growers to collect our fresh produce, fresh, not frozen, and then our batch of quality food is made for us. 


Finest Fresh Meats & Fish


Our meats are collected fresh in refrigerated vehicles by our manufacturing partners and arrive back at their kitchens for preparation. We have full traceability on all our ingredients from farms we know and trust.


Traceability & Testing


As we continue to make some of the finest dog food in the Uk, the partners we choose play a vital role. Our partners continue to invest in state-of-the-art laboratories that provide cutting edge technology. The core value of quality is of paramount importance in all functions of the manufacturing process and none more so than having an onsite laboratory. 


Each manufacturing batch has a code, and our manufacturers keep back product from all our batches and future testing with full in-depth analysis can be done any time on any batch.


All ingredients 800+ are subjected to numerous quality checks to ensure only the best ingredients are accepted for use in our products. Every ingredient has an individual tailor-made testing regime and specification in line with the attributes and vulnerabilities of the ingredients. These have been determined by detailed risk assessments of each ingredient prior to purchase.


The ingredient specifications and testing schedules are regularly reviewed and updated in line with new and developing threats within the food and feed industry. Specifications also ensure legal and safety compliance as well as nutritional and quality compliance.


This unique system ensures the full traceability of every product.


Our Partners 


Producing some of the finest dog food with the finest ingredients has led our manufacturers to invest more than £80 million to build a state-of-the-art Ingredients Kitchen that tests, processes and stores all of our fantastic ingredients and finished products.


Ooddles Foods

  • Always grain-free & hypoallergenic
  • Unique Cooking System, cooked low and slow to retain all the goodness
  • Fresh is Best, using fresh meats makes all the difference.
  • No rendered meat meal and no fillers.
  • Simply:- Fruits, Veggies, Superfoods, Finest Meats & Fish, Vitamins & Minerals.


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