Tick Removal Tool
Tick Removal Tool

The Ercol Tick Removal Tool, every pet owner should have one handy.


Tick Removal Tool (1 x 50.00g)




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Key Benefits

This is an easy to use tick tool.  If you have a 2nd home, a holiday home, we recommend you have one at all locations.

Please see our blog all about Ticks, Prevention, Removal and Lyme Disease. HERE

This tool ensures the whole tick is removed

To use the tick tool, locate a tick by lifting the fur. 
Place the tool against the dog's skin and pull the tool back slowly and gently until the tick is trapped at the small end of the tool. 
Keep pulling slowly until the tick is detached from the skin and can be lifted away. 
Using this tool is a safer way of removing ticks without squeezing the tick or leaving parts of the tick in the skin, which can lead to further health issues.
Any issues or you think some of the tick is left in the skin, please see your vet.

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