Fresh Is Best.


All you need is quality natural food made using fresh meat, cooked low and slow. It makes a huge difference. 


Did you know?


it makes no difference if this food is dry, raw or wet, what matters is the quality of the food and what is in it. 

If your dog seems to have a sensitive tummy after you change to an all-natural grain-free food,  you will need to work out what protein source is causing the issue, for example, some dogs cannot eat chicken, others can only eat chicken. 

Using cheaper food, highly processed dog food, which is typically full of rendered meat, maize and cheap fillers is not ideal and may aggravate things, it is like us humans eating fast foods every day, eventually, we would not look or feel our best.

We suggest you take 5 mins to understand why Ooddles food is so good, have a read over our website, and understand why using FRESH meat is so important and beneficial for your dog.

Sensitive dog food to change your dog's life

Ooddles food is all-natural and will give the very best natural ingredients, gently cooked to give maximum nutritional support.

Fresh is best, and our foods are super for those with sensitive tummies.


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