Your Unique Referring Code - Refer and Save.

When you start Ooddling, you will receive your own unique referral code, start referring and enjoy receiving discounts that will appear in your O Hub for you to use, when you place your next order. Refer and Save.

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Share your Ooddles welcome code.

Share your code with your friends, family, work colleagues & doggie friends, it is quick and easy, log into your Ooddles account called O Hub, enter all your referral email's and an auto email will be sent automatically to your contacts. OR feel free to post your unique code at a group or forum.

Friends Discount 

Your friend gets a 50% first order discount.

Your friends will receive 50% off their first order; this will be in the email they receive. Sure they will be pleased you have referred them, and they too can start Ooddling.


You receive 20% off your next order.

When your friends place their first order, you will receive a discount code for 20% off your next order, and you can build as many of these as you wish.

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