You don't need to worry about what you're feeding your much-loved dog when your Ooddling, we have taken care of everything.


When you Ooddle rest assured you're giving the finest quality nutrition to your dog every day, this will certainly help with the overall health of your dog.

Feeding low-grade food, with cheap fillers and rendered meat, is like us humans eating a fast-food diet every day, eventually, our health suffers.

When you feed a quality highly nutritious food such as Ooddles, your dog passes less waste, for several reasons.


1.  You feed less per day, you don't feed as much when you feed a higher protein natural food.


2.  Your dog absorbs all the goodness, less waste to pass. On a low-grade food there is lots of waste, showing as large fibrous poos.


3. Your bag of food lasts longer, as you feed less per day, so your cost per day is actually better than buying cheaper food where you need to feed large amounts daily just to meet the nutritional needs.


4. The problem is, many good brand names and vet foods are NOT quality food, it is clever marketing only. You need to look at the ingredients label, the first ingredient is the meat content, your certainly looking for a minimum of 50%. You should also be looking for the word FRESH.  Using a high percentage of fresh meat is hugely beneficial.


Do not be surprised if some of the leading brands plus the dog food brands sold and recommended by vets have no fresh in at all, and are just commercially made dog food on a large scale using rendered meat meal and packed full of fillers such as maize and cereals.


How many times have we seen smaller brands, who are careful with their ingredients, be bought out by large corporates like Mars and Nestle, only for all the ingredients to change? 


Remember your dog has no option but to eat what you give it, it cannot make healthy food choices for itself, as we can. So the responsibility is with you, their owner to provide the very best daily nutrition.


Allergies, Fussy Eaters, Sensitive Tummies or Poor Health.


All you need is natural, fresh food, packed full of goodness. You do not need special formulas and special expensive recipes/formulas.


It also does not matter which way you prefer to feed your dog, dry, wet, wet and dry mixed or raw, it is what is in it that really matters. 


We have you covered whether it is Ooddles dry food, Ooddles wet food, wet and dry mixed, or go bare with Ooddles raw food, all options are available.




  • Grain-free & hypoallergenic
  • No added preservatives
  • No artificial colourings
  • Unique cooking process, low and slow.
  • No rendered meat meal or cheap fillers
  • Quality finest meats and fish, a high percentage of FRESH.
  • Supporting UK farmers and fisheries, and occasionally the EU, but no further.
  • High meat content, ranging from 80/20, 65/35, 50/50. We go no lower.
  • Packed full of veggies, botanicals, superfoods, vitamins and minerals
  • Suitable for pups and adults, all breeds, all sizes, various different formulas available
  • No misleading claims, no fancy bags, just simple fully labelled clear ingredients and feeding guides on the back. 

Time to change to the good stuff of Ooddles, so let's help you get going.


Not sure which way to feed your dog, dry, raw or wet, why not try our sample bundle offer HERE for £9.95.

Not sure which food, take our wizard HERE.

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  • We ship DPD, with full tracking, next working day service.
  • You may receive a Whoops from Oode in your Ooddles box, dogs and humans look forward to your Ooddles delivery arriving.
  • Full range of treats and chews available, there is no point feeding natural quality food and then giving treats and chews which contain preservatives, additives and some nasties.
  • Customer services 7 days a week until 10 pm, and happy to help.
  • If you're an active customer, your doggie will receive a birthday present.
  • Join in with Come Dine with Ooddles and receive some freebies.

We are certainly a brand with a big personality.


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