Fresh is Best.

To read about why Fresh is best for your dog, please visit Why Fresh.

  • All you need is to feed a natural, high-quality nutritious food, you do not need to seek out special recipes, keeping to grain-free and hypoallergenic is recommended, BUT it is not just this, you need a food which is made using Fresh meat. It makes the difference.
  • All our foods, whether it be dry, wet or raw are grain-free, no preservatives, natural, and the finest meats are used, with a higher percentage of Fresh.
  • We use human-grade oils, squeezed from fresh meat and fish and our dry food is coated using these amazing human-grade oils which is not often seen in dog food. It makes the food tasty. 
  • Fussy dogs are fussy because owners make them fussy, by always changing the foods, they will hold out for some of yours or something different by not eating, this is the time NOT to give in.
  • When you feed quality food like Ooddles, made of fresh meat, you feed less per day, your dog will retain all the goodness and there is little waste to pass through. Poos are firmer, smaller and you don't see the larger fibrous poos, which are the waste in the large volume of food you have to give to reach a sensible nutritional level when it is packed full of rendered meat and cheap fillers. Your dog will retain very little of it as there is very little real meat or goodness to retain so it has to pass through.



Our Semi-Moist is ideal for fussy eaters, it is a different kind of texture, it is called English Garden and available under our dry food section.


Tips for fussy eaters.


  • Lift the food if your dog has not eaten in, make sure your dog knows it is there, try and get into set feeding routines and ensure your dog is not full up on treats prior to routine feeding times.   Put the food down, and if nothing is eaten lift the food. Make your dog wait until next feeding time, we recommend you always feed twice a day, morning and evening. Put in place a new strict routine and don't give in.
  • If your feeding dry food, you can add a little wet food and mix it in, this is very popular.
  • If your feeding raw, you don't add anything.
  • Semi-Moist is a new eating experience that works for fussy eaters, it is softer than the crunchy dry food and worth a try if you have a fussy eater.
  • Using food toppers is good, we have two, both are full of extra health benefits, gravylicious and fish granola. Just add a little to your dog's food.
  • Try feeding using a LickiMat and not a bowl, they find it very interesting.
  • Don't have major distractions going on at family time, too much excitement around your dog will distract him from eating.
  • Don't ever feed him from the family table, he will learn to wait for human food.
  • Set your new routine and don't give in. 
  • Your dog is only fussy because of things it has learned along the way from its owners. All good intentions we know only too well, but it can cause a problem and you will be caught up in a vicious cycle of changing foods all the time.
  • It's time to set down a solid routine, know that feeding Ooddles is the very best for your dog, it does not really get any better. 
  • Take time to read why at our website and understanding and knowledge will certainly help you to stay focussed on your new routine.


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