Ooddles Unique Cooking System


Hot and fast or low and slow?


At Ooddles we are low and slow for cooking our fresh meat, fish and ingredients. But even within the scope of low temperature and slow cooking, our research has shown we can dramatically affect the palatability of our dry food depending on the duration of cooking and the temperature profile through our unique cooking process. 


As we look to deliver on our promise to ‘make and deliver some of the world’s finest dog food’, we continue to work with our partners who extensively research and refine the times and temperatures for different meat and fish to provide the most palatable dry foods for your dog to enjoy.


A unique feature of Ooddles foods is being able to collect the finest meat and fish ingredients at source. 


The Meat Kitchen


In our on-site meat kitchen, we gently cook each meat at circa 82ºC (180ºF), slowly

to both protect the proteins and ensure maximum digestibility and nutritional value to your dog. With the use of world-leading technology, we are also able to reduce the moisture content of the freshly prepared meat and include increasingly high amounts of fresh meat into our recipes.


In addition, we are also able to produce separate high-quality oils from our fresh ingredients of known provenance and add these to bespoke recipes. Typically dry foods are cooked at wait for it... 300ºF (150ºC) and at the fastest possible speed possible. 


Ooddles dry foods are uniquely cooked, low and slow. Below is how this makes a huge difference.


  • Higher nutrient bio-availability
  • Higher digestibility protein
  • Improved sensory acceptance
  • Better health and wellbeing through superior quality and nutrition
  • Reduced levels of spoilage & micro-organism biomarkers that are associated with off flavours, rancidity or even toxicity· Better density of kibble
  • Low temperature, low-pressure cooking provides a fuller flavour. 


Human Grade Quality Oils and Fats for palatability


Our partners press our oils on-site in small batches using dedicated equipment that operates similar to a kitchen salad spinner where the oil is squeezed away from the meat.


This allows us to coat our dry foods with amazing high-quality fats and oils, seen normally in human foods, and gives us the full traceability back to the source, from the farm or fishery. The super quality palatability success and traceability is second to none.


These oils are not your usual high temperature rendered ‘pet food grade’ oils. They are so fresh, the laboratory testing finds little to no signs of oxidisation or ageing.

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Cooking Process