Wormer and Flea treatments

Wormer and Flea treatments

Auto Repeat and never forget

Dog Worming and Flea Treatments.

Your dog can become ill if you do not maintain a routine plan for flea and worm treatment using safe and effective treatments.

Dogs should be wormed every month up to 6 months of age, then at least once every three months thereafter for Roundworm and Tapeworm. Worming treatments can either be done at home or by the vet. Treatment is either via a tablet or a spot on.

Flea Treatment should be given once a month and should cover tick treatment.

Setting Up A Routine Is Vital

Without a plan it can mean flea and worming can be easily forgotten, time flies past and before you know it by the time you remember you have missed many months and your pet has a worm or flea infestation, untreated.

You Do Not Need Expensive Vet Visits.

All wormers and flea products are licensed in the Uk, and all meet good standards. You do not need an appointment at your vets to keep on top of regular flea and wormer treatments, you can do this yourself using good effective products.

The growing popularity of adding your products on auto-repeat so you do not forget.

Many owners now use the auto-repeat facility, so their flea and wormer products arrive automatically, no reminders. When they arrive in the post, it is great reminder treatments are due.

Ooddles Selected Products – Option to order on Auto-Repeat is available.

FleaScreen Combo Spot-on 

An effective Solution for dogs kills fleas on treated dogs and prevents eggs laid by fleas exposed to FleaScreen Combo from developing for up to 8 weeks. Kills ticks on treated dogs for up to 4 weeks and treats infestations of biting lice.

WormScreen Tablets 

Treats mixed infections of both roundworms and tapeworms. Roundworms and tapeworms are parasites and live in the gut.  If left untreated, they can cause your dog to become unwell.  Treating your dog regularly will reduce the risk of other animals and humans being exposed to worm infections such as Toxocara.

WormScreen Tablets for dogs are for oral use only and can be given directly or with food.


Top Tips

  • Always worm all your dogs and other animals in the household at the same time.
  • Use a calendar to keep a note of your worming dates and the products you used
  • Always store any wormers safely away and out of reach of both children and animals.
  • Always wash your hands after you have wormed your dog or another animal.

Did you know –  Natural De-Wormer…

If you give your dog rabbit ear with fur as a treat/chew, it acts as a natural de-wormer.  

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