Why does my dog smell of fish- Anal Glands

Why does my dog smell of fish- Anal Glands

About anal glands

Anal Glands

Problems with anal glands are common and highly unpleasant for dogs and owners. Containing a pungent, oily liquid, fishy smell, properly functioning anal glands lubricate the stools to ease their passage and act as a scent marker.

Anal glands are small sacs that sit on the left and right of your dog anus at around 4 and 8 o’clock. 

When your pet passes faeces, the faeces push up against these glands and empty them, coating the faeces with the natural anal gland secretions.

Anal gland problems start when the glands fail to empty on their own. The anal gland secretions then continue to accumulate and, eventually, the glands become impacted. Anal gland impaction can then lead to an anal gland infection which, in severe cases, results in anal gland abscesses. This can be very painful and does need veterinary intervention.

Several factors may prevent them from emptying normally.

It could be as simple as you need to alter your dog's diet.

Anal glands problems can be as simple as what goes in the front end. Common problems can be a grain allergy; we would suggest you switch to a grain-free, hypoallergenic food, all Ooddles Kitchen food are gain free, natural and hypoallergenic. You may also find increasing the moisture in your dog food helps too, so we recommend if you are feeding dry food to add in some soft food to increase the moisture.

Keep an eye on the treats you are giving your dog too, again these need to be natural treats and not full of things your dog could be allergic to.

Your dog may also need more fibre in your dog's diet, which encourages full stools, and this will naturally help the anal glands to empty themselves.

We do NOT recommend you attempt to empty your dog's anal glands yourself; it is always best to see your vet.