Why and how to weigh your dogs food

Why and how to weigh your dogs food

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Why and how to weigh your dog’s Ooddles food.

Dry feeding.

When feeding quality food, especially with an 80/20 formula, you will be amazed at how much less you feed. As it is rich in protein, it is easy to overfeed your dog, and weight gain will happen.

By weighing your dog's food, you will soon see a portion size and become familiar with the correct portion sizes.  It will be substantially less than what you have been feeding using a cheaper food. You may be shocked and think no way, not possible, poor dog, but actually, you're giving your dog the best thing ever, better health by feeding quality daily nutrition.

This is no different than us humans, some of us have an unhealthy relationship with food, and it can be down to portion sizes alone. When you see a typical portion size recommended for calories, it can be a shock, and you think no way, but actually, when you start, you feel better and healthy eating better.

Cost - You maybe surprised.

This is why your bag of quality food will last longer, you feed less as it is quality, and when you make a price comparison per day with your cheaper food, you may be pleased to see it works out cost-effective all-round, as well as improving your dog's health.

You can purchase feeding bowls that automatically show you the weight of your dog’s food, or you can use small handy digital scales (available at Ooddles), and you simply weigh your dog’s food until you get used to the correct portion size.

Feeding higher quality food means less waste. Your dog will digest all the food and nutrients and will naturally have less waste (poo). On the cheaper foods the body will have to rid all the cereal and excess food and fillers it has had to consume to reach any sensible level of nutrients, this results in large fibrous waste.

It is time to make some changes and start to weigh your dog’s food. 

Small, easy digital scales are available at Ooddles website.

We would love you to share your older portion size v new size (when you change to better quality food and weigh your food), it will also help others understand.

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