What is Ooddlying?

What is Ooddlying?

All About Ooddlying

At Ooddles Kitchen we are all about healthy, natural, quality food and improving your dogs daily nutrition.

All our foods are grain-free, hypoallergenic, natural, we only use the finest meats, with a high content of fresh meat used in all our recipes.

We are on a mission to help our nations much-loved dogs to eat healthier and to show owners how to become more aware of what is in dog food and how to look at what you're currently feeding.

It makes no difference which way you prefer to feed your dog, dry feeding, wet feeding or raw; we have you covered.

Not just great food, we have a superb range of natural treats and chews too.

Our brand is full of personality, so do join in, we love to hear from all our Ooddling dogs.

  • You have your own O Hub area. 
  • Why not use our refer a dog and the person you recommended gets a whopping 50% off their first order, and you will receive a 20% discount in your O Hub to use. Your dog could end up eating free!
  • Instagram & Facebook - Our Ooddling delivery boxes are very noticeable, take a picture of your dog when their Ooddles arrives, upload and share and be in with the chance of having some freebies.
  • Please share your story of what you use to feed, and now feed, and let us send you some freebies. [email protected]
  • We love to give away freebies, so do join in, you may from time to time find some freebies in your order too.

So why not start Ooddlying and improve your dogs daily nutrition.