Puppy Feeding Up

Puppy Feeding Up's and Downs.

Not Eating - Top Tips

There is nothing unusual about a puppy not eating all of its food or not eating a meal you put down. As long as your pup seems well in itself, happy and playful then do not worry.  If your puppy seems unwell, then a visit to your vets is required.

There are many reasons a puppy may skip a meal.

Stress – Anxiety from humans in the household, other pets within the household, a new home, change of environment, new baby at home or a house move, even a new washing machine noise is a change. All these things can affect how pups eat.

Vaccinations – A puppy can go off its food after vaccinations; this is very common.

Weather/room temperature – If your puppy feels hot, just like us it can go off its food, so summer months you can see a reduced appetite.

Overfeeding – Too much food offered./eaten at a previous mealtime, or to many treats, can all mean pup is just not hungry.

Fussy Eaters - Owners inadvertently create fussy eaters  If you think your pup is not eating the first thing you do is think it is the food and change it if your pup gets used to these changes it will hold out for different options. You would be surprised how quickly they get this message, but this is a message you are giving them. Tough love needs to happen; then you will always have an easy to feed pup that grows into an easily fed adult.

What to do when your puppy doesn’t eat.

Take time to make sure your puppy is feeling OK. If you feel it is a little off, then take a quick trip to your vets. 

Limit snacks, for now, cut back on them, so they feel hungry.

Routine – Try and feed at the same time every day, pups need to be fed three times a day, little and often is key

Overfeeding – cut back, check you're not overfeeding on quantity, we always recommend you weigh your dog's food.

Try feeding after exercise/walk.

Lift the Food - If your puppy does not eat its food within 15 minutes, lift the food, and retry an hour or so later.

Using Food toppers, they are super to kick start an appetite. 

Ooddles food toppers - the amazing Gravylicious, packed full of goodness for your growing pup, very tasty, add some over its food or give in a bowl on its own, it is a full liquid food.  Or try the granola, sprinkle a little on top of food, packed full of omega 3 and dogs love the taste.  Only use healthy toppers that have added health benefits for your puppy or adult dog.

 If feeding dry food - try adding some wet food, this normally does the trick too.