Meet Oode & his Ooddles Song

Meet Oode & his Ooddles Song

Listen to his song.

 Meet Oode and his song at the link below. He thinks he is a superstar, and we know he will be looking for new band members shortly. All announced at Ooddles Facebook so do make sure you like and follow us.


Sing along with the words below.

“Oode The Doode”…“Pooch Floppy Dogg”

We gonna tell you about Ooddles ya dig?         

I walk in the park-like a million bucks

I hear as I’m passing a couple of mutts
They say dog you look cool, hey you’re makin’ me blush
When I’ve been Ooddled I strut my stuff

It’s best dog food, are you ready for it
Got treats and chews, always a hit
Hey little doggie do you want the best?
They waggin’ their tails and tellin' me ‘yes’

I got confidence in myself
That’s my Ooddles giving me help
Got a perfect coat, I got perfect health
I wanna share it with you

It's my food, baby
And you can eat the way that I do
Have it wet or dry it’s all up to you, hey
Stay at home we deliver it too
Ooddles, this could change your life

Listen up!

Get mummy Ooddling that’s the stuff, 

Natural dog food made with love
Now u Lookin', starin', darin', comparin'
In my book, they say sharin' is carin'
You’ll love the taste (haha)
Even if you’re a fussy face - so it’s personalised
And when your box arrives….

You’re Ooddled!!!!