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LickiMats, Tips, Recipes & More

LickiMats, Tips, Recipes & More

Every dog owner should own a LickiMat


A simple but amazing product that every dog owner needs to have.

The great thing about LickiMat is how versatile it is. Originally developed as a boredom buster and a fun treat maker, LickiMat was designed as an easy-to-use, medical-free way to combat anxiety and stress in animals. We have heard from vets who learnt about LickiMats from conferences during lectures on separation anxiety. We have heard from people in all aspects of the pet industry on why and how they use their LickiMats.

Enrichment to Combat Boredom 

With just a small amount of food, you can make a long-lasting treat. Or make a boredom buster to keep your dog busy while you are out for a few hours. They are simple and affordable, which makes them a great enrichment toy for animal shelters and all pet owners.

Below are some handy and popular ways to use your LickiMat. They come in a variety of different Mats, and a Splash Mat too.  Read more below about which LickiMat?



Enriching treat experience
Enriching feeding experience


Soothing and Anxiety-reducing

Boredom busting and anxiety-reducing

Calming experience
Helpful for thunderstorms and fireworks
Keeping pets busy for extended periods



Making a small volume of healthy treats last a long time
Fewer calories, more fun
Creating more saliva – better-protecting teeth and gums, freshening breath


Distraction aid for grooming and vet inspections

Making it easier and more relaxing for everyone at bath time
Making it easier and more relaxing for everyone for grooming and nail clipping
Making it easier and more relaxing for everyone during pet inspections and injections



Working as a treat dispenser
Working as a feeder
Working as a meal preparation surface
Working as a training aid
Working as a medication or supplement delivery platform
Available in different models to suit different treats and foods
Different models to suit liquid foods and combinations without a mess



Made from human-grade TPR rubber
Non-toxic, Microwave proof, Freezer-friendly


Great Value 

Long-lasting and durable 


So Many LickiMats - which one to choose?


Playdate™ has discrete pockets that will contain food.  Liquids are easier to manage and keep separate from other food or treats.


 Buddy™ has a more complex surface and still allows the separation of foods and treats.

 Buddy LickiMat

LickiMat Slomo™

are designed to combine dry, wet, raw and especially soft or liquid dog foods and treats on the same time without creating a mess.  Like all other LickiMats, they can be used for treats or used as a complete and elegant feeder, especially for small dogs. 

Slomo LickiMat

LickiMat Splash™  is an attachable LickiMat with a suction cup designed to attach to smooth wall surfaces and bathtubs.   

Splash is designed for use with soft and spreadable dog treats.  

Splash is all about keeping your pet-focused, relaxed and still when bathing or grooming,


LickiMats are available at the Ooddles SHOP.


Recommended Foods From Ooddles For Your LickiMat.

  • Gravylicious, from Ooddles, is health bursting gravy. Perfect to tip onto your LickiMat. 
  • Frozen Gravlicious.  Add to your LickiMat and freeze in warmer weather.
  • Using our soft food, Turkey or Angus Beef Pate - These are the perfect texture to spread thinly over your LickiMat.
  • Redfish Granola - is another very healthy food topper, the particles are fine and great to add to your LickiMat.
  • Bare Ooddles - if you are feeding raw, we would suggest using your LickiMat for your dog's main meal, but any meal can be fed from your LickiMat, not just at treat time. 


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