Is your current dog food making your pet hyper

Is your current dog food making your pet hyper

A common problem

Is your current dog food making your dog hyper?

There are several reasons your dog may be hyperactive (hyper), for example, lifestyle, breed type or individual personality or experiences.  However, if you have a hyper dog have you considered that it may be the food you are feeding that is causing this behaviour.

There are so many types of food to choose from, including kibble, raw food, and wet food.  Dogs, as in humans, will react to sugar and additives, and this could make them hyper and in turn, difficult to train as this could also affect their concentration.  

Have you seen highly coloured kibbles? They may look attractive but are full of artificial colourants which are proven to be linked to issues such as being overly hyper.

A healthy, natural diet will have a positive impact on mental and physical health. Always try to feed your dog a well-balanced diet which has quality ingredients.

Over processed dog food contains preservatives, carbohydrates and sugar, and many are packed full of cheap fillers such as maize, all of which will not help with a hyper dog.

Several foods will help your dog to calm down; these include whole brown rice, blueberries, sweet potato and turkey.

What you feed your dog is, of course, dependent upon your choice, personal situation, financial restraints and preferences. 

No matter which way you decide to feed your dog, be it raw, dry or wet, what really matters is the quality of the food that is in it.


Ooddles food is always grain-free, hypoallergenic and natural, packed full of goodness and no nasty cheap fillers are ever used.