Health benefits of Spirulina for your dog

Health benefits of Spirulina for your dog

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Spirulina is a natural alga that is widely used as a health supplement in humans, but it is also popular now in dogs diets.

It is oozing with vitamins and minerals, including Vitamins A, B and E, and is incredibly nutrient-dense, containing over 50% protein. Spirulina is also made up of amino acids and essential fatty acids.

There are key benefits that spirulina can help within dogs

  • Spirulina can help to improve the health of your dog's immune system in fighting disease and infection, and is perfect and is good as a health boost to dogs who have a weakened immune system. 
  • The natural algae have been found to absorb metals and toxins from the body so that they can be easily passed. As dogs can be vulnerable to pollutants from things like drinking water from puddles and streams, spirulina can help these toxins to pass through your dog's system and be excreted.
  • Spirulina is digested easily. It passes through easily and promotes healthy bowel function. 
  • As spirulina contains so many different vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, it can help to boost the metabolism
  • A dog's diet can have a great impact on their coats. Spirulina is a great source of essential fatty acids, which can help to maintain healthy and balanced skin and coat.
  • Spirulina can also help to reduce allergies as it is a natural antihistamine, which is a great natural remedy for dogs who suffer from itchiness from varying seasonal allergies. 

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