Handling & feeding Bare Ooddles (Raw)

Handling & feeding Bare Ooddles (Raw)

Important Advice

How to store and handle raw food.


When defrosting the raw food put it into an airtight Tupperware container at the bottom of the fridge below any cooked food or vegetables. Same as how we store raw meat in the fridge.

Wash the pet’s bowls after every meal, in very hot water/dishwasher.

Wash your hands after handling raw dog food

Clean worktops, utensils, all surfaces and spills, using hot soapy water, if you use cloths, wash them in a very hot wash.

Remember this is no different to how you deal with raw meat juices in your kitchen at home, it has all the same risks.

What do I do when my frozen Bare Ooddles Raw arrives?

You will have a DPD tracking number so you will know what time it is arriving. (You can change the time to suit you)

When Bare Ooddles arrives at your home, unpack the box and put straight in the freezer. You can then take one 500g container of food out and let it defrost in the fridge. We suggest in a Tupperware box. Store it in the fridge as you do with normal raw meat. It will last in your fridge for 4 days after being defrosted. Please ensure you put it at the bottom of your fridge.

If the food has partially defrosted by the time you are ready to put it in the freezer, you can refreeze it safely as long as the food is still at 4c or below.

If it has reached room temperature it will keep fresh in a fridge for 2-3 days or 4 days from frozen. 

We hold all our meals at -18c for at least 10 days before shipping.

How to Feed

The night before, simply take out one 500g container from the freezer, put into your fridge to defrost, you should put the container inside a Tupperware container so no juices leak out for safety. Then simply put the food out for your dog, some may prefer to leave it in room temperature for 15 mins.

Food will last 4 days in your fridge.

Please download PFMA Document Here