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Complete vs Complementary 80-10-10 Raw Dog Food:

Complete vs Complementary 80-10-10 Raw Dog Food:

Ensuring Optimal Nutrition for Your Canine Companion


Feeding our beloved canine companions, a raw diet has become increasingly popular in recent years. However, not all raw pet foods are created equal. In the world of raw feeding, you will often encounter the terms "Complete" and "Complementary" on pet food labels. These terms play a crucial role in determining the suitability of a diet for long-term feeding and ensuring your dog's overall health and well-being.

Complete Raw Dog Food v Complementary Raw Dog Food:

Complete Raw Food is designed to adhere to industry guidelines set out by regulatory bodies such as FEDIAF. These guidelines establish a range of essential nutrients that should be present in the diet, ensuring that dogs receive the necessary nutrients in appropriate quantities. Just like the recommended allowance in our own diets, these guidelines are based on research into health conditions caused by nutrient excess or deficiency.

On the other hand, Complementary Raw Food falls short of meeting these industry guidelines. It may lack certain essential nutrients or exceed the maximum allowable levels, making it unsuitable for long-term feeding. Dogs on such diets often present with skin and digestive symptoms and may not receive all the necessary nutrients for optimal health.

Understanding the Guidelines:

It's essential to recognize that while the industry guidelines are important, they do not represent optimal nutrition. They primarily focus on avoiding health issues related to nutrient imbalances. Raw diets offer the added benefits of enzymes and phytonutrients contributing to better health. As responsible pet owners, we must ensure that our dogs receive a well-balanced diet that goes beyond these basic guidelines.

Why Are These Guidelines Necessary?

In nature, wild mammals consume a varied diet, which helps them achieve a balance of nutrients over time. However, domestic dogs are fed the same diet every day. Consequently, adhering to the Complete Raw Food guidelines becomes crucial to avoid excesses or deficiencies caused by consistent feeding. 

The Importance of Accurate Labelling:

Unfortunately, not all raw food companies correctly label their products. Some 80-10-10 diets may be misleadingly marketed as "Complete," when, in fact, they are Complementary and fall short of essential nutrients. It is the responsibility of manufacturers to label their products accurately to help pet owners make informed choices.

Understanding 80-10-10 Raw Dog Food

The 80-10-10 formulation is an excellent base for a healthy dog's diet. It provides easily digestible food, ample moisture, and enzymes that benefit your canine companion. However, certain nutrients, such as Vitamins E and D, Choline, Omega-3, Linoleic Acid, and trace elements, may be lacking in these recipes.

The 80.10.10 raw dog food diet is based on a simple principle: 80% muscle meat, 10% edible bones, and 10% organ meats. 

Completing the 80-10-10 Diet: 

To turn an 80-10-10 complementary dog food into a Complete & Balanced meal, it is crucial to identify the nutrients that need boosting and know what to add to maintain healthy nutrient levels. Some experienced Barf feeders add their own extras directly to the raw food to achieve this balance. However, many pet owners may not have the time, knowledge, or awareness to do so.

Introducing Raw Complete Supplement - A Solution for Optimal Nutrition:

Raw Complete Supplement for 80-10-10 Raw Dog Food

Raw Complete is a supercharged nutritional supplement specially formulated to complement basic 80-10-10 diets. It not only meets FEDIAF guidelines but also goes beyond them by optimizing the diet with antioxidants and superfoods. This supplement provides dog owners with the peace of mind that their dog is receiving the nutrients it deserves for overall well-being. Adding Raw Complete Supplement to your 80-10-10 raw dog food meals it changes your dog's food to become nutritionally balanced and complete. 

Easy to use:-  Follow the feeding guide on how much from a few milligrams only per day, into your 80-10-10 raw dog meals, once a day.  A 250g bag will give typically based on a cocker spaniel size 85 feeds, with cost per day typically 0.24p. 

Raw Complete Pet Nutrition

Just some of the valuable nutrients in Raw Complete Supplement:-

Chicory Extract - Prebiotic fibre to aid digestion 

DHA - anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acid for brain and skin health

Taurine and Carnitine amino acids essential for heart health

Nettle helps keep joints healthy and supports kidney function

Spinach boosts the immune system with powerful antioxidants such as vitamins E and C

Pomegranate Powder is rich in antioxidants to slow down cell death. Also helpful for reducing inflammation throughout the body.

Camomile helps reduce anxiety or calm an overactive nervous system, also aids skin health, and is an anti-inflammatory

Dandelion Root, is a prebiotic to help promote a healthy microbiome and promote overall digestive health. 

Niacin, - modulates the immune system  

Riboflavin, Thiamine, - helps digestive enzymes to help nutrient absorption. 

B6, B12 - improve energy and mood levels

Folic Acid, - important for enzyme reactions

Biotin, for healthy claws and skin 

Choline supports the nervous system 

UFAS accredited and FSSC 22000 certified.  

Created by Leading Pet Nutritionists   

Grain Free & Non-GM

Benefits of the 80-10-10 Raw Dog Food Diet

Improved Digestion:

Raw dog food diets are free from fillers, artificial additives, and preservatives found in commercial pet foods, which can lead to gastrointestinal issues. The natural and balanced composition of the 80-10-10 diet promotes healthy digestion, reducing the risk of bloating, gas, and other digestive problems.

Enhanced Dental Health:

The inclusion of edible bones in the diet provides a natural way to keep your dog's teeth clean and healthy. The chewing action on raw bones helps remove plaque and tartar, reducing the likelihood of dental issues such as gum disease and tooth decay.

Shinier Coat and Healthy Skin:

The high-quality proteins and healthy fats in raw dog food can lead to a noticeable improvement in your dog's coat and skin health. Expect a shinier, softer coat and relief from common skin problems such as itching and dryness.

Increased Energy and Vitality:

A properly balanced raw diet supplies dogs with an abundance of nutrients, leading to increased energy levels and overall vitality. Many pet owners report seeing a positive change in their dog's energy and playfulness after transitioning to the 80-10-10 diet.

Weight Management:

For overweight dogs, the 80-10-10 raw diet can be a great solution. The natural, nutrient-dense composition of the diet allows dogs to maintain a healthy weight without unnecessary carbohydrates or additives.


Choosing the right raw dog food is vital for your pet's health and longevity. Understanding the distinction between Complete and Complementary raw dog food is essential for making informed decisions about your dog's diet. While 80-10-10 diets form a solid foundation, it is crucial to ensure that your dog's nutritional needs are met through proper supplementation. Raw Complete Supplement offers a convenient and reliable way to optimize your dog's diet, ensuring they thrive on a well-balanced and nutritious raw food plan.

Katie McCaul VN BSc DipNat ANutR 

Katie McCaul is a certified veterinary nurse with a bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Nursing and a Diploma in Naturopathy and Animal Nutrition. She is passionate about educating pet owners on proper nutrition for their furry companions. Through her expertise and commitment, Katie aims to enhance the well-being of dogs and promote the benefits of raw feeding for pets.

About Ooddles Dog Food:

Ooddles Dog Food is a leading provider of affordable quality natural dog food, offering a wide range of options, including raw dog food, both completer and 80-10-10 raw meals, wet dog food, dry dog food, and cold-pressed dog food. Committed to the well-being of dogs, Ooddles Dog Food sources only the finest all-natural ingredients to deliver balanced and nutritious meals that dogs love. With a strong focus on affordability, Ooddles Dog Food aims to make premium-quality dog food accessible to all pet owners.

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