Can Dogs Eat Strawberries

Can Dogs Eat Strawberries

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Dogs can enjoy strawberries just like we do. It is ideal to think of them as a treat or snack and only be allowed in moderation.

Strawberries have some benefits that may be healthy for your dog; these include, high fibre and water content, antioxidants, and a teeth whitening enzyme.  However, because they are sweet, they do contain a lot of sugar.

If you choose to feed them to your dog, they should always be washed and the stalk removed.  They could cause a choking hazard so should be chopped or mashed to avoid this risk.  They are a different texture, which your dog may find strange at first, so offering them a small strawberry is advised to establish whether they like them or not.  You can also offer them as “frozen” treats, this is a great idea in hot weather.

Beware of tinned strawberries though, if fresh or frozen are not available.  Tinned fruit may contain added flavourings and added sugar or sweeteners, therefore increasing the calorific value.   Some sweeteners contain Xylitol which is bad for your dog.

Always contact your vet if you think strawberries are causing a problem for your dog.  If you notice any stomach upsets, increased thirst, itching or any other unusual symptoms, these could be signs that strawberries are not agreeing with your dog.