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Bone Licious Broth  Healthy Ice Lollies

Bone Licious Broth Healthy Ice Lollies

Making Healthy Ice Lollies

Bone Licious Healthy Ice Lollies for your furry friend

(suitable for dogs and cats)

Keeping your dog cool and hydrated during the hotter weather is really important. This quick and easy recipe is a real must.  You will have them handy and ready to go when your pet looks hot.

You can easily make batches of ice lollies for your furry friend, but it is always best to ensure what your feeding is healthy or even add a burst of added good health. Using any of the Ooddles broths ensures you are feeding and treating with added good health benefits.

Bone Licious Broth Lollies – Takes 5 mins to make.

Ooddles Broths are a premium liquid/gel food made from lamb or beef, as many pet owners have found out, they make amazing lollies with added health benefits.

You will need the following:-

Ice Lollie Mould

Bone Broth from Ooddles Kitchen. 

Defrost your bone broth by leaving it in your fridge overnight.  Add some bone broth and mix with a small amount of water, and pour into ice cube trays or lolly moulds.


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