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Ooddles Raw Dog Food - we call it Bare Ooddles.

Natural Raw Dog Food with added Veggies & Superfoods Glucosamine, Turmeric, Spirulina, Ginger & Black Pepper. Various protein sources available, such as salmon, beef, turkey and Game.

Ooddles is a trusted supplier of natural raw dog food with each recipe containing added veggies and superfoods, on a 90/10 ratio - meaning we pack in 90% meat and 10% vegetables/superfoods/bone meal.

On top of that, we blend our food with additional natural herbs, spices and minerals including glucosamine, turmeric, spirulina, ginger & black pepper - meaning we have the perfect high-quality complete raw food meals for your dogs. All our raw food is manufactured in the UK, Defra approved facility, only using the highest quality meats and delivered frozen, directly to your door.


Complete Meals

Our Raw meals are complete meals, you don't add a thing, with many raw diets you need to add in bone and other missing vital nutritionals, but Go Bare with Ooddles our meals are complete meals, nothing to add.

  • 90% Meat and ground bone
  • 10% Superfoods, veggies and minerals, and vitamins.
  • Human grade ingredients
  • No artificial colourings, flavourings, or added preservatives
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Grain and gluten-free
  • Canine Superfoods

How much raw food to feed your dog?

If you are unsure about how much to feed your dog or what raw food is suitable for your dog's diet, why not Start Ooddling. This is our wizard, we shall ask you a few questions, which our system works its magic to show you the raw food recipes that are suitable for your dog based on what you have told us. We shall also show you the average cost per day, an average guide on how much to feed per day, nutritional information and lots more.

Or you can straight to our SHOP at the top of the website, go into the RAW food section, and order directly, all the feeding guides are there too.

We deliver our meals frozen via DPD with full tracking on the next working day service.

We have plenty of information on how to change over to raw feeding from dry or wet food and everything you need to know about feeding raw at the Ooddles blog and FAQ section.

Your dog will for sure benefit from getting Bare with Ooddles raw range for a seriously healthy balanced diet.


It's time to get serious about your dog's health.

Your dog has to rely on you, their owners to ensure they are eating quality daily food, packed full of nutrition, if you feed a low-grade food, commonly full of cheap fillers and meat meal, it is like us humans having fast food every single day.

We have made it more affordable for you to feed your dog a quality nutritious diet, feeding a natural and quality daily diet means:-

  • Fewer vet visit, 
  • Fewer/ rid allergies, 
  • Fewer health issues.
  • Poor diets are linked to so many serious health problems, such as cancers, diabetes and many more.
  • Obesity issues.
  • Above all, that you care what your dog eats, it really does matter, and only you can decide.


Dry, Wet or Raw - You Decide.

We have you covered no matter how you prefer to feed your dog, dry food, raw food or wet food, or dry and wet mixed, everything is natural and free of cheap fillers and preservatives, and always grain-free & hypoallergenic.


Unsure which way to feed your dog & need some help.

If you are unsure of what type of food to feed or how much you should be feeding, don't worry - you can take our wizard, called Start Ooddling, answer a few questions and we shall give you all your options, according to what information you have provided us about your dog.

You can, of course, always just go straight to our SHOP at the top of the website and have a look around and it is easy to order.


Ways to Save

We are not a subscription-only company. However, if you wish to put on auto-repeat for convenience, so you never run out, you can enjoy the below savings. We also give discounts for ordering multiple 5kg bags, so 12kg or 25kg’s is cheaper than ordering one 5kg bag.

  • 5% discount bi-monthly (every other month)
  • 10% discount on monthly.
  • You can stop, pause easily from your O Hub account.

You can order dry food samples for the boss to try, with ease from our SHOP, each of our dry foods has a smaller sample bag of 200g for you to try, and if you are just ordering Samples, add FP100 at checkout and no postage will be charged. For Raw or Wet Samples, you can order our Bundle Offer so you do not need to order lots before you try our foods.


Join The Fun

Your dog will be excited to receive its Ooddles delivery, we always add some surprises, and you can join in with Come Dine with Ooddles and receive more free treats for your dog to try.


Treats & Chews and more

Whilst shopping for your food, visit our treats and chews, all-natural, and all essential when you have your dog, chewing aids good oral mouth health, and all part of being a dog! Flea and wormers, toys, and essentials accessories such as ear wipes and more all available for your convenience.


Support and Personal Service

If you need any help, our team is available to help you 7 days a week, until 10 pm 7 days a week. 

All our food is personalised with your dog’s name.



We are DPD with full tracking, with next working day delivery service.


More Information – Ooddles Blog Area

Learning how to read dog food labels, and lots of other general information, why not visit our BLOG pages, we have many interesting and informative articles you can enjoy.


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