About Us

About Us

We are on a mission to help feed our nations much-loved dogs quality nutritious food. Ooddling is all about enjoying quality daily nutrition.

Your dog has to rely on you, their owner to feed quality nutrition every day. If you feed poor quality food, your dog may suffer from health issues, it works no differently than us humans, if we eat poor quality food every day, we would feel rubbish and for sure would end up with possible health problems. Your doggie is no different. They need YOU to make the right choices for them.

We have been developing dog food since 2016; it all started when we became aware of the poor quality ingredients used in many dog foods commonly available. After extensive research, we started to develop our own formulas with leading manufactures to produce our foods. We launched with two dry food products, the original two lines Game On and The Catch which became very popular, very quickly, these two formulas were aimed at crossbreed, although suitable for all breeds. 

The next steps on our journey started in 2019. Due to the demand for Ooddles, we decided to make our foods suitable for all breeds, and we have increased our range of dry and wet foods.

Understanding not one way of feeding suits all, we have added our range of complete natural raw food too, called Bare Ooddles.  

To complement our all-natural, quality, no nasties stance, we have an outstanding range of natural treats and chews.

For customers, we have built a complex system that will ask you some questions and based on your answers to those questions, we shall recommend the most suitable foods for your dog, show you the cost per day, and how much to feed. 

Our promise is:-

• Only produce all-natural quality food, with the very best ingredients.
• Always grain-free, hypoallergenic, no cereals, animal derivatives, no nasties.
• List all our ingredients clearly and openly.
• Ethically sourced mainly from the UK, supporting UK farmers and growers. The furthest we go is to the EU for our wet food only.
• We don't use misleading packaging, we have a simple and plain approach, and we do not misrepresent our food by using images which are not even in the products. 

We work with leading industry nutritionists and four manufacturers and have every skill across our team to bring you the very best foods.

We hope you and your much-loved dog enjoy Ooddling and all the things associated with our quality food and brand.

All the Ooddles Team and of course, Oode.  


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